National lotteries

Among exploitative capitalist enterprises, national lotteries are pure genius and pure evil. Wherever you are, there is variation, but the most refined form is the telephone hotline. It is basically a few servers streaming sound clips according to options chosen via a keypad. The object is to waste as much time as possible, thereby increasing the profit of the company staging the lottery. As with all lotteries, it is only the poor who respond. Desperate and often with no other possibility of changing their reality completely, they give a disproportionate amount of their pitiable wealth every month, or every week, and sometimes every day. The profits are enormous, and the payback is often deceptive — staggered across months or years. Largely unregulated across the Third World, money is made hand over fist from the lowest strata of society. In the West, the same thing, except it also becomes a form of entertainment, laying down subconsciously that configurations of numbers hold hidden wonders, instead of being a capital offence against natural animal life.

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