Epitomised by the Dunce’s Cap, the forward-moving momentum of the modern world is one of the key substrata of the Atrocity. A collective fascism that has no name, and no centre, and thus cannot be located, confronted in being and opposed, speed has become the law and the destiny of modern civilisation. The Dunce’s Cap, one can be reminded, was not, in origin, placed on the head of the child deemed bad or rebellious; rather, on the head of the slow learner. The “retard” who keeps the whole class “behind”. Slowness is a punishable offense. While Paul Virilio has charted the wider vista of the emergence of the dromocratic state and dromocratic society (from dromos, Latin for ‘the race’), a history that runs from the spear through the cavalry, to the collapse of space and the emergency of the fatal four minutes inaugurated by global nuclear terror, it is also a history that runs throughout the mundane, constituting a blight on human life and an undergirding meta violence, lived in myriad petty forms.

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The Atrocity Museum is somewhat open to submissions, at least from those who understand the nature of the everyday tedium.

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