The Duckface

And the world edges towards total garishness. What was unthinkable a mere 50 years ago is now happening and being recorded in hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of “selfies” per day. We could generalise it in the age of the recorded image to the pout. But the “duckface” is a definitive leap down the sewer. What does it mean? What does it aim to convey? What is it saying? It is multiform. A gaggle of animals finds a new expression. It spreads like a virus. In the hands of the professional it is the class system epitomised in the vast pyramid of sexual couplings: the bio-genetic war that is waged daily; the vast clambering, stepping on the heads of the weak and those who are deemed ugly, whether by fashion or inclination, or a body type. Or the grabbing for high sexual class. A prohibition and a challenge: a judgement and a dismissal. How could one measure the damage done to a generation of female animals by the emergence of this sensibility towards the world? Random? Or does it equalise? So even the interiorally ugly can, for a moment, pretend to be desirable, precisely by provoking and refusing desire? How much deeper can it be penetrated? Who has the courage? Who deserves to notice and carry the interminable weight of that Atrocity?

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The Atrocity Museum is somewhat open to submissions, at least from those who understand the nature of the everyday tedium.

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