The No-Smoking section

It is now everywhere — methodically colonising spaces in nature, urban and rural scenarios, villages, towns, cities, nations and continents as if it was the crusade to end all crusades. Unforgiving, unapologetic and supremely fascist to the core of its vicious encroachment, from upper authoritarian legal channels trickling down to the middle management of a public mind under hypnosis to enforce by default mechanism. Sure, smoking can be hazardous to the health of some. It can also be a means to stimulate, manifest, and evolve the concepts of liberty and justice, especially in consort with the mechanisms, techniques, and metaphysics of the now elusive chameleonic artisans of our time.

Without the freedom to smoke, think, write, create, express, and perpetuate ideas in a communal public space, the only reality remaining for the souls of creative expression is the worship of the great Greek god, MEDIOCRATES, who invented the color beige.

Guest entry from Nobody of Sun City Girls

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The Atrocity Museum is somewhat open to submissions, at least from those who understand the nature of the everyday tedium.

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