What is the Atrocity Museum?

The Atrocity Museum is an idea that has been with me for more than a decade. One day I hope it exists as a real space, a tiny monument.

I imagined a repository. But it is also a method. To define and develop an ever more accurate taxonomy of violence. Not direct violence. Rather, the non-direct, everyday acts of violence that constitute so many points in the picture of our lives.

TheĀ Atrocity Museum is also a gateway. Contemplating the unbearable is a way of coming to terms with the ultimate and final meaninglessness of life, which should be understood as liberating.

Like the Tao, the Atrocity is impenetrable. Encompassing its inner workings is probably impossible. That which can be named as Atrocity is not The Atrocity, as such. To endure is the art of a lifetime.

We live and die within it. It is the opposite of oblivion.

Ian Douglas, project initiator

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The Atrocity Museum is somewhat open to submissions, at least from those who understand the nature of the everyday tedium.

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